Practice Areas


Business and Contract Law


entity formation

review, negotiation, and drafting of contracts

contract disputes / litigation

Contracts are probably central to your business.  It is important for you to understand the terms of each contract you sign and, when possible, to negotiate for terms that are most favorable to you.  The terms of a contract should be clear, and they should accomplish your objectives while also providing you with some level of protection.  A well-drafted contract can go a long way toward avoiding expensive disputes.  You know your industry and the things you want to accomplish with a contract.  An attorney can help you in making your contract as clear, thorough and protective as possible.  Jeff Haynie offers review, negotiation, and drafting of contracts.  He also offers counsel and litigation services to resolve contract disputes and other business disputes.  Disputes can arise even under the best-drafted contracts.  The best time to consult an attorney is when you first foresee a dispute, not after a lawsuit has already been filed. 

Landlord-Tenant Law


residential leasing

commercial leasing

For landlords, Jeff Haynie offers preparation of contracts and related documents (leases, statutorily required notices to tenants, etc.) and representation in landlord-tenant litigation.

For tenants, Jeff Haynie offers review and advice relating to leases, as well as representation in litigation to pursue refunds of security deposits and damages for illegal evictions or breaches of contract. 

Consumer Protection


unfair or deceptive business practices

illegal debt-collection attempts

Florida law contains several important consumer-protection statutes.  The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, for example, generally prohibits business practices that are (you guessed it) unfair or deceptive.  This is a broad statute that can potentially provide remedies for many kinds of rip-offs and scams.  Certain entities and activities are exempt from claims under this Act.  Examples include federally regulated banks and some activities of Florida-licensed real estate agents.  However, most other individuals and entities engaged in business in Florida are covered by this Act and can be held liable for damages caused by their unfair or deceptive actions.  Car dealers are covered, and the law provides a list of specific actions by car dealers that are considered unfair or deceptive.  That list includes, among other things: misrepresenting the previous usage or status of a vehicle; failing to honor an applicable warranty; and obtaining a customer’s signature on a contract that is not yet completed or does not accurately reflect the negotiations and agreement of the parties. 

There is also the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, which prohibits abusive debt-collection tactics.  Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to: claiming or attempting to collect a debt that is known to be illegitimate; using profane or abusive language in communicating with a debtor; and using a communication that appears to be (but is not really) from a court, attorney, or governmental agency.

Jeff Haynie offers representation to consumers in litigation to enforce these and other consumer-protection laws.

Civil Appeals and Writing Projects for Attorneys

Jeff Haynie accepts referrals in the area of civil appeals.

He also offers his writing services to other attorneys, either as co-counsel or as a ghost-writer.  Many attorneys dislike writing or just do not have enough time for it.  Jeff enjoys it and can write for you while you continue your trial preparation or other work.  Call Jeff or email him at to request writing samples and to discuss co-counseling arrangements or a reasonable hourly fee for ghost-writing.

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